If 2g - 4 = 6, then g =


Answer 1


Then g = 5.

Step-by-step explanation:

The only number that fits in g is 5.

2*5 - 4 = 6

So 2 x 5 = 10.

Which the equation is now 10 - 4 = 6.

So the answer is 5.

Answer 2


g = 5

Step-by-step explanation:

2g - 4 = 6

2g - 4 + 4 = 6 + 4

2g = 10

2g ÷ 2 = 10 ÷ 2

g = 5

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Use the table of trigonometric ratios to find sin 24 degrees


Answer: 0.40673664307

Step-by-step explanation:

Which expression is equivalent to the one below? 6÷9 A. 9.1/6 B. 6.1/9 C. 54 D. 9/6​




Step-by-step explanation:




54 is 54


So none are equal


the answer is 6 × 1/9

Step-by-step explanation:

6÷ 9 = 0.666

9 × 1/6 = 1 1/2

6 × 1/9 = 2/3 same as 0.666

54 = 54

9/6 = 1.5

Find the volume and surface area of a rectangular box 3 ft by 1.2 ft by 6 ft The volume is 21.621.6 cubic feet. ​(Round to the nearest tenth as​ needed.) The surface area is nothing square feet. ​(Round to the nearest integer as​ needed.)



Volume = 21.6 ft³

Area = 58 ft²

Step-by-step explanation:



V = lwh......................... Equation 1

Where V = Volume of the rectangular box, l = length of the box, w = width of the box, h = heigth of the box.

From the question,

Given: l = 3 ft, w = 1.2 ft, h = 6 ft.

Substitute these values into equation 1

V = 3×1.2×6

V = 21.6 ft³



A = 2(lw+lh+wh)............. Equation 2

Where A = surface area of the box

Also substituting into equation 2

A = 2[(3×1.2)+(3×6)+(1.2×6)]

A = 2(3.6+18+7.2)

A  = 2(28.8)

A = 57.6 ft²

A = 58 ft²

x^2 = 1/100, what is x​


X in (-oo:+oo)

X^2 = 1/100 // - 1/100

X^2-(1/100) = 0

X^2-1/100 = 0

1*X^2 = 1/100 // : 1

X^2 = 1/100

X^2 = 1/100 // ^ 1/2

abs(X) = 1/10

X = 1/10 or X = -1/10

X in { 1/10, -1/10 }

Yuppp there right you got this
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Julio says if you subtract 15 from my number and multiply the difference by -2 the result is -36 what's julio's number


18 x -2 = -36, so i think the number is 33 cause 18+15 is 33

Erin opened a savings account that earns 3% simple interest. If she deposts $2,750 and doesnt make any additional deposits or withdrawals how much money will be in her account at the end of 6 years?



3245$  (im assuming the interest is yearly)

Step-by-step explanation:

using the is/of method

3%       x

___    ___  cross mult and divide. = 82.5 interest x 6 years of it  

100   2750

2750 + 495

what is 30 tens in hundreds




Step-by-step explanation:

each ten is worth 10 so 10x30+ 300

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Select all expressions are equivalent to 3^8
o (3.3)



[tex]\frac{3^{10} }{3^{2} }[/tex] , [tex](3*3)^{4}[/tex], [tex](3^{4})^{2}[/tex]  

Step-by-step explanation:

The expressions 3¹⁰/3², (3⁴)², and (3·3)⁴ are equivalent to the given expression. which is the correct answer would be options (B), (D), and (E).

What are exponential expressions?

Exponential expressions, as the name indicates, involve exponents. We already know that the exponent of a number (base) specifies how many times the number (base) has been multiplied. To answer the exponential expressions, we may need to apply the relationship between exponents and logarithms.

As per option (B), we have



Apply the subtraction operation in the exponent


As per option (D), we have



Apply the multiplication operation in the exponent


As per option (E), we have





Thus, the expressions 3¹⁰/3², (3⁴)², and (3·3)⁴ are equivalent to the given expression.

Hence, the correct answer would be options (B), (D), and (E).

Learn more about exponential function here:



Anthony needed to complete some complex tricks in order to win the 17 and Under State Skate Boarding Championship in Orlando FL. In an attempt to complete a McTwist (a 540-degree burni performed on a cap) and to maximize his air time, Anthony rode his skateboard up a specially designed one of a kind ramp. Unfortunately, he did not make it to the other side of the ramp and crashed his skateboard. His height zoove the ground in feet is a function of his horizontal position from the top of the ramp, also measured in feet The function that relates his height to his distance is h(x)=-x²+2x+8. How far above the ground is the top of the ramp? F a b. How far away from the ramp was Anthony at his maximum height What is his maximum height? C. At his highest point, how high was he above the top of the ramp? d Whea bestemowlad het veled horizontal?​



did you get the answer yet I have the same question

Answer: a. 8 feet

the first question in part b is 1 and the second part is 9. ( or you could just put 1,9) c. 1 foot taller d. -2 and 4

Step-by-step explanation: you get answer A by looking at the C- value of the equation( in this case it’s 8)

you get the first answer to B by using the axis of symmetry formula -b/2(a) and that equals 1. You get the second answer to B by plugging in 1 into the equation..solve and get 9. So your answers in total should be (1,9)

For part C all you do is subtract the top of the ramp.. which is 8 from your vertex. in other words you do 9-8 and get 1 as your answer for C

Lastly, for D you use the quadratic formula ( or use photo math) and get answers -2 and 4.

If you’re also having problems on part E .. all you have to do is place a dot at point -2, place dot at point 4, place a dot at 8 on the Y AXIS, then place a dot at point (1,9) lastly, connect the dots with a line and the graph should look like an upside down U or V( whatever you think it looks like)

I hope this helped you guys!!

Fatima told her grand children if i give 2 toffees each of you i am left with 3 toffees.But if i try to give 3 toffees each of you i face a short of 3 tofees.How many grand children does fatima have?




Step-by-step explanation:

two equations can be derived from the question

y - 2x = 3 equation 1

y - 3x = -3 equation 2

y = number of toffees

x = number of children

subtract equation 2 from 1

x = 6

The complex polygon below represents the layout of a parking lot. Find the area of the parking lot in square meters.



The area of the parking lot is: 144cm^2

Step-by-step explanation:


See attachment for polygon


The area of the parking lot

The attached plot has 6 congruent triangles with the following dimension;

[tex]Base = 6cm[/tex]

[tex]Height = 8cm[/tex]

[tex]Area = \frac{1}{2} * Base * Height[/tex]

[tex]Area = \frac{1}{2} * 6cm * 8cm[/tex]

[tex]Area = 24cm^2[/tex]

The area of the 6 triangles is:

Area = 6 * Area of 1 triangle

[tex]Area = 6 * 24cm^2[/tex]

[tex]Area = 144cm^2[/tex]

What is the volume of the triangular pyramid? Round to the nearest tenth if


Answer: 224m^3

Step-by-step explanation:

Since V=B(Base)h(Height)






So your answer is 224m^3

(^3 means cubed)

I hope this helps!

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Bob had 1/3 of a pizza left over. He ate 2/3 of the leftovers for lunch. How much
pizza did he eat for lunch


2/9 of the pizza C: if bob has 1/3 of the pizza left and he eats 2/3, then you take 2/3 of 1/3, so you multiply.

pls answerrrrrrrrrrrrrrqdqdqd



30ft 2

Bc we first calculate the area of rectangle which is 6x4 which is 24 then we calculate area of triangle which is 6 then 6 + 24 = 30ft squared

can someone average this out for me and for the term test I made a 36​


Answer: 70.77 or 71 if rounded up

Step-by-step explanation:

Add all the scores then divide to 18.

This should be the answer 72.8%

Help me please I don’t understand eee


None of the above is the answer tell me if I’m right when ur done

new one i need help with this one




Step-by-step explanation:

Correct me if I’m wrong it’s been a while but I think u add 3 + 3 + 2+ 2


It is 10

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to do perimeter you need to add each corners value, in this case a to B is one side and A to D is another, in order to get from A to B you have to walk 3 units, so their is our first part, now for the second you need to walk from point a to point D which if you do it will be 4 units.

Now we have 2 numbers, 4 and 3, We still have the other side but it will be the same, so you will do 4+4 and 3+3, in this case it will be 8+6 so the answer should be 14. I might be wrong.





Step-by-step explanation:

the first one ur correct

the second one is 12cm


The west side is 12 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

15 kilometers divided by 5 is 3. Since every 5 kilometers is 4 cm, multiply 3 by 4 to get 12

THINK ABOUT WHETHER THEY ARE ASKING FOR CURCUMFERENCE OR AREA If you want to Make sure to have the most pizza which would you rather two 12 inch medium or one 18 inch large. Justify your answer mathematically



The maximum pizza quantity would be with the pizza of 18 inch

Step-by-step explanation:

The size of the pizza in inches depicts its diameter.

Thus, 12 inch pizza means diameter of the pizza = 12 inch and 18 inch pizza means diameter = 18 inch

In case of either the CURCUMFERENCE OR AREA, the pizza with larger diameter will have larger CURCUMFERENCE and AREA as compared to the pizza with smaller diameter.

For instance

Area of 18 inch pizza

[tex]\pi * (18/2)^2\\= 254.34[/tex]Square inch

Area of 12 inch pizza

[tex]\pi * (12/2)^2\\= 113.04[/tex]Square inch

Circumference of 18 inch pizza

[tex]2*3.14*9 = 56.52[/tex]

Circumference of 12 inch pizza

[tex]2*3.14*6 = 37.68[/tex]

R=( − 2 , 2 ) , ( 2 , − 2 ) , ( − 4 , 4 ) , ( 4 , − 4 ) is r a function?



Step-by-step explanation:

The four inputs (x-coordinates) are {-2, 2, -4, 4}.  No input appears more than once.  Therefore this seet of points represents a function.

Susan makes $22 per hour in a clerical position. If she works 30 hours per week, what is her gross
weekly income?


select D $660 is the answer

Pls help and find the area



I don’t know the area but here’s a hint to help you (hint: length x with x height)

Step-by-step explanation:

find the volume of the cone above in terms of pi


192 pi
good luck :))))

Given m | n, find the value of x.



As 6x+8 = 68

=> x = 10

Hope it helps

By question it's given that m || n . So here we can use the properties of parallel lines . One of them which we will use here is ,

corresponding angles are equal .

Here the two given angles are corresponding angles hence they will be equal. We create them in order to find the value of x.

[tex]\sf\implies 68^o = 6x + 8^o \\\\\\\sf\implies6x = 68^o - 8^o\\\\\sf\implies 6x = 60^o \\\\\\\sf\implies x = 60^o/6 \\\\\\\sf\implies \boxed{\red{ \sf x = 10^o }}[/tex]

Hence the value of x is 10° .

hello please help i’ll give brainliest


the answer is living



Step-by-step explanation:

Name 4 fractions that are between 1/5 and 1/7



21/240, 22/140, 23/140, 24/140

Step-by-step explanation:

7 and 5 have a common multiple of 140 and

140/7=20  20/140

140/5=28  28/140

21-27 are all numbers b/w 20 and 28


21/140, 22/140, 23/140, 24/140

7 and 5 = common multiple of 140.

140/7 = 20 , 20/140

140/5 = 28, 28/140

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27 are the numbers between 20 and 28.

What is the value of y?


y + 35 = ( y ) + ( y - 31 )

y + 35 = 2y - 31

Add both sides 31

y + 35 + 31 = 2y - 31 + 31

y + 66 = 2y

Subtract both sides y

y - y + 66 = 2y - y

y = 66

4. Find both solutions by (
:): x^2 + 6x + 5 = 0



x1 = -5 and x-2 = -1

Step-by-step explanation:

hope this helps


x = -  1, - 5

Step-by-step explanation:

The table shows the favourite colour of 400 people.
Frequency | Angle in
Complete the table and draw a pie chart
to represent this information.
Note: Please draw your pie chart in a 'clockwise' direction from the line already drawn
and follow the order from the table (Red, then Blue etc...).


The favourite colours represent the following angles: red (90°), blue (90°),  green (135°) and yellow (45°).

Rule of Three

It's a math tool for solving problems about proportion. You can relate more than 2 variables and from the proportion, it's possible to find an unknown number.

Here you can apply the rule of three for finding the angle  of each frequency. The total of people (400) represents the total angle of a circumference which is 360°.

For colour - red

400 ----------- 360°

100 ------------ r





For colour - blue

400 ----------- 360°

100 ------------ b





For colour - green

400 ----------- 360°

150------------ g





For colour - yellow

400 ----------- 360°

50------------ y





Read more about the rule of three here:



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respect the traditions and beliefs

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Larry was a self-sufficient, good student prior to his first episode of schizophrenia, which occurred suddenly when he was 19 years old. Similarly, Kahn was well-liked, performed well in school, and was self-sufficient before he developed schizophrenia when he was 18 years old. However, unlike Larry, Kahn's disorder appeared gradually. Both teens received early treatment. According to statistics, Larry is MORE likely to have a fuller recovery than Kahn because Larry had: Antarctica contains several active volcanoesTrueFalse Choose one example of U.S. consumer waste from the bulleted list. Research to learn more about the waste described and what is being done to reduce it. Summarize your findings in a paragraph. I don't understand with the question number 4, does anybody understand how to do it? Paco has a traditional health Insurance plan. His deductible is $750. The level of co-Insurance for his plan Is 70/30 where 30 represents Paco'sportion. He also has one-time co-payment of $20. If Paco Incurs a $1,000 hospital bill, how much money will he owe out-of-pocket for the bill? La chica _______________(estar) en el museo todos los das. Donde se produce mas friccion en una carretera con hielo o en una sin hielo Find the Volume (look at the picture) PLEASE HELP DUE IN 1 HOUR, AND PLEASE DON'T PUT THOSE LINKS OR ELSE I WILL REPORT YOU. How has NAACP Change overtime from then to now Forensic computer investigators must _____.find a way to get the evidence, no matter what it takesdevelop new software to accomplish the investigationrender opinions based on demonstrable factsbring in the computer and the criminal when they come to court is it good crazy houseMay: 19 1966. bye mom i'm going to the party ok greg but don't go near that house you know the house. Ya ya there's a haunted house in those woods and if you go in you will never come out. It has been haunted by the previous owner who died. That house has been haunted since 1956. That house has been abandoned since. I reached the woods and there were a bunch of signs reading stay out stay away don't take the risk I walked right by those signs. But then I feel uneasy. I start to hear whispers saying get out get out get out I start running and the voices are getting louder GeT OuT!! GeT OuT!! I slip and start rolling down a cliff and bang!! I hit my head on a rock and I blacked out. I see bright lights. It was comfy but wait whose house is this I just see blur but I can read cra- crazy hou- house no I wipe my eyes and I read it again crazy house OH NO NO NO NO this is the haunted house my mom was talking about. I saw a super fast blueish greenish light fly by me. I was hungry but all I saw in the house's fridge was a bunch of wooden bull heads. And all over the wall was a bunch of newspapers and posters saying missing kid missing person they were all lastseen in these woods. Ohh wait what is that poster!! It has my name on it I quickly read it says missing kid greg caldwell so I tear it up and I look every around the room and a bunch of my posters are up I start running up the spiral flight of stairs im running up the stairs but it feels like i'm not even going up I have been running up for 10 minutes strait. And it all still looks the same. It's like I'm in one of those carnival mazes where you feel you're at the end but youre right where you started. I went back downstairs to use the phone and I dialled 911 but all I got was a bunch of static and a fainted voice which said get out of my house'' and the voice got louder. Get out, get out!! That voice I heard in the woods, I ripped that phone from the wall and all the voices stopped But 1 minute later I heard you come to my house and rip my posters, step on my stars, sleep in my house and rip my phone from my house. and I hear some strange noises coming from the hall. I check on the hall and I see this pale 10ft super skinny man. He was as skinny as a skeleton. This thing said it again you come to my house and rip my posters, step on my stars, sleep in my house and rip my phone off the wall GEEET OUT!! Now he starts to chase me and he tackles me and he says you will pay he opens his mouth he had teeth like a shark he probably had 1 million of them. Then boom we both hear an old guy screaming and starts attacking the monster and says run!! Greg So I ran off behind the coach and watched him fight. He kills the monster and the monster says you will pay in a fainted voice. I was hiding behind the couch and I am thinking how did he know my name greg how!! He steps up to me covered with green slime from the monster and says get up son it's all over you're okay wh- who are you and how do you know my name kid stop talking and get up ok I got up and he says follow me. He take me to this secret room with a bunch of cameras and monitors he told me how did you get here young man I tell him everything and I say my name is greg how do you know that I saw the posters oh right well do you know how to get out of here yes but its very complicated its like a maze. I have been studying this place for 70 years since I was 19. I now know this place is like it's my own house wow!! Ok can you show me the exit please sure but you have to pay I got money no I want your belt what! why trust me we will need it ok but only if I can get out of here. hey do we need a key oh ya thanks for reminding me he grabbed a key out of the monsters stomach and his hand I covered with slime ok all we need to do to get to the exit is walk down the stairs open this door and the exit is right ahead. ok are you coming ya i'm just putting something on the house oh and take this this is my poster of me missing ya watch it. We walked out of the house and the thing he put in the house was a bomb he set it off and BAAM!! It exploded. He says look at the poster I look at it and it starts to say Greg Caldwell, hero destroying the crazy house, how did you make that bomb? From your belt son told ya we needed it. I went homeand my mother ran up to me and started hugging me thank you son now no more missing kids thank you. Elige: Select the word or phrase that BEST completes each statement.Por qu no t _____________ un helado y yo _____________ una torta?Your answer:pide / pidopides / pidenpedimos / pidopides / pidoIf someone speaks Spanish please help me??? ixl help ASAP PLZ HELP Mr. Tran is teaching his daughter vowels. He placed sets of cards into two separate bags. What is the probability that his daughter will draw out a vowel from each bags? Answer in percentage. Help me help me help me help me but ignore the 21.5 that was wrong Which sentence from National Geographic Kids: Coral Reefs contains jargon?They need sunlight and warm temperatures year-round to survive. There they find food and shelter. Coral reefs look like they are made of rocks. The crest zone is the highest part of the reef.PLEASE HELP!! thank you! Find the area of the figure. Who is the The Ten dollar founding father who got alot farther by work alot smarter? which element have the formula C6H12O6?